Developmental Swim Sessions

Starts at 19:00 poolside ready to swim. Location Ardingly College, College Rd, Ardingly, Haywards Heath RH17 6SQ. Details here.


A developmental block of 6 weeks and is purely a technique session based on making you more efficient in the water, we will do this by slowing the whole stroke down so you can focus on specific parts. This is not a test of speed or ability and so it will suit beginner all the way up to advanced

The session is 45-60 minutes and builds on your skills and efficacy week on week over a 6-week block and each week you will have no more 2 points to focus on that week with no more that 6 swimmers.

The 6 week block is £15 and you have to book through the website so please only those booked in for that block should attend, we will run this each 6 weeks for the next 2-3 months.

Everyone can benefit from this pool-based class no matter how good or poor you think you are, by the end of your block, you will be more hydrodynamic, comfortable and efficient in the water.


The way to get faster is to get better.