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Abingdon Marathon

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I thoroughly recommend this race, which is well organised and has less than 800 runners (so not enough people to get in the way). Well marshalled plus decent medal and a technical shirt in the goodie-bag. 

Vibram Five-Fingers in training allowed Asics Piranha SP3 shoes to be used for the marathon. The Piranha's weigh 140g each (half the weight of normal marathon shoes) and are considered best for distances up to 5k. By running on the balls of feet there is no need for the heel cushioning but it does stress the calf muscles.

Abingdon Ranked Top in UK For PBs in 2010 Runners World Poll.

This is the first marathon I have ever done "with negative splits". 1:36 out and 1:34 back. Wonderful feeling finishing strongly and being able to sprint the last few hundred metres in an Athletics Stadium to the finish line. All my previous marathon efforts have ended in wall-hit near-death experiences as I crawl over the finish line, having slowed dramatically over the last few miles. Pleasant 10 degrees weather helped.

by Jim Graham

Brighton marathon - initial race report summary

An initial report from Colin:

Start - hot - drink - hot - cramp - hot - drink - stomach cramp - hot - vomit - hot - wave at Kevin (he looks hot)- cramp - hot - where am i - cramp - hot - who am I - hot - who keeps shouting at me - shut up - hot - Finish - beer - where am I


Sounds like you enjoyed it Colin.


Update from Kev:

You forgot to mention run a bit - lose first gel - run a bit more lose another two gels - go to take on nutrition - uh oh empty race belt - throw race belt to side of road as now empty - run into wind and up hill - get tired - wait for feed station - around 11 miles - feel sick eating clif shots - notice its hot - cramp - hot- cramp - see Colin (he looks hot and unhappy) cramp - hot - where am i - cramp - hot - who am I - hot - who keeps shouting at me - shut up - hot - Finish -


   Kevin James race report.


 Can you email me more reports please and photos.



                                                Chip Time        Position

Kevin James (1082)                 3:24:32             339

Colin Chambers (5637)            3:47:59             1120

Samantha Anderson (1276)      3:58:05             1857

Stephen Birchall (9205)            4:05:30             2282

Mark Jordan (5156)                 4:05:51             2280

Kate Walch (6641)                  4:48:55             5138

Kay McMenamin (3444)          4:56:38             5350

Julienne Stuart-Colwill (3988)  5:28:57             6818