Club Awards 2019

Club Awards 2019

Mid Sussex Triathlon Club Annual Awards Dinner

The Mid Sussex Triathlon Club held its annual awards dinner at The Talbot Inn, Cuckfield, in The Hayloft Room on Saturday evening 1st February. The event was most enjoyable; it was well attended and involved a very appetising two course meal as well as extremely convivial company.  It also gave members the opportunity to socialise with each other with no lycra in sight!

As the evening progressed, awards were presented for various achievements, including Performance of the Year and Best Newcomer, and also for the Club's Trifest held in August at Ardingly Reservoir. 

Annual Awards for 2019

Coaches' award for most Improved Triathlete

Gareth Handley

Best Newcomer

Dan Annison

Special Thanks for Long Service as Club Secretary

David Ricketts

Long Service Award Steve Alden & David Ricketts

Performance of the year

Barry Davids, for swimming the River Dart 10km with one arm and in a brilliant time: 2.27.58

Spirit of Triathlon

Jo Fleming, for an excellent debut as race director, for all the effort he put in to make sure the club triathlon was a successful event again this year, and for coaching, training, running events, and competing in events.

Spirit Of Triathlon Award Jo Fleming With Emma Smith


Martin Shoesmith, for sacrificing first place in the Tri Fest to stop and correctly position run markers, and still coming in with a credible position.

Unsung hero award

Mike Hook for designing and maintaining the club's website.

Special thanks for long service as Membership Secretary

Emma Jaffe

Endeavour award

Derek 'Del' Hastings for his endless enthusiasm and commitment at 70+ despite some significant injuries. This continues to inspire our members.

August Trifest at Ardingly Reservoir

Trifest Sprint Distance

Women:  1 - Charlotte Craig, 2 - Nadia Berthouze,  3 - Sally Gardiner

Men: 1 - Steve Alden, 2 - Rob Hoodless, 3 - Nick Care

Trifest Olympic Distance

Women: 1 - Mary Campbell, 2 - Jennie Brown, 3 - Hannah Droscher

Men: 1 - Phil Couch, 2 - Luc Berthouze, 3 - Dan Annison

Trifest Middle Distance

Women:  1 - Sharona Harrington, 2 - Deborah Keighley

Men: 1 - Matthew Chipping, 2 - Heath Jansen,  3 - Mike Jaffe

Trifest Awards Hannah Droschler , Steve Alden & Mike Jaffe