Coach Profiles

The club provides a number of coached sessions across each triathlon discipline. Our coaching team is encouraged to develop their skills and knowledge across individual sports as well as Triathlon.

Neil Giles
  • Neil Giles
  • Head Coach | BTF Level 2

Barry Davids
  • Barry Davids
  • BTF Level 2

Rob Hoodless
  • Rob Hoodless
  • BTF Level 2

Steve McMenamin
  • Steve McMenamin
  • BTF Level 2

Callum Murray
  • Callum Murray
  • BTF Level 1

Jean Fish
  • Jean Fish
  • BFT Level 1

Jo Fleming
  • Jo Fleming
  • BTF Level 2

Want to join our Coaching Team?

We are always looking for members to become coaches.  We offer the opportunity for our coaches to be trained, initially to level 1 with the BTF before progressing through level 2 and, possibly, to level 3.  We are keen also to train our coaches to the various levels and to put them through specific skills short courses offered by the Amateur Swimming Association, British Cycling, and England Athletics and other relevant bodies.  A number of coaches are also trained in the likes of spinning and fitness training.

In return for funding the coaching courses, we ask that coaches make themselves available for inclusion in the coaching register.  This means a commitment of something like at least two session per month for a period of at least a year.  That said, coaching duties are allocated after discussions with the head coach and we are flexible with how coaching hours are accumulated.