Tips for the beginner


> Swimming costume or tri suit

> Goggles


> A bike - in good working

> Helmet (no helmet = no race)

> Clothing for the bike or tri suit

> Drink for bike

> Cycling shoes for use with clipless pedals.


> Running shoes

> Clothing for the run or tri suit.

> Tri suit. A suit which you can use for all elements of the race so you don't have to get changed. It can be used for the swim and has a bit of padding in the seat for the bike.

> Race belt for number (or just safety pin it to your tshirt)

> Towel

> A smile

If you have a trisuit, wear that for the entire event. If you don't have one or don't want to fork out for one on your first tri, just wear a swimsuit in the event, then pop on some lycra shorts and a cycle/running top in transition.

You could wear cycle shorts if you tend to get a bit uncomfortable on the bike, but remember they aren't the best to run in so change to running shorts in the second transition.
I would get some tri shorts for your first one as you will always use them in the future to run in or swim in. Most women prefer to wear a bra - which means you will need to swim in your bra. This works fine.

If you are on a mountain bike get some slick road tyres for it as that will make a big difference.


Make sure you do some training!

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