Terms & Conditions

By entering the Mid Sussex Triathlon you accept that this event is conducted under the rules and conditions of The British Triathlon Federation and agree to acquaint yourself with, and abide by, those rules and any instructions issued by the organiser. You declare that you are fit to take part in this event, and understand that you take part entirely at your own risk and relieve the organiser of any responsibility for any injury, loss or damage sustained to either your person or property as a result of your participation. You declare that you will be aged 17 years or over on 31st December this year.

Closing Date For Entries

Closing date for entries is two weeks before the race date or when the race is full.

Refunds, Cancellations or Swap event

As fellow triathletes we know that injuries occur and circumstances change, which is why we offer a full refund (less any bank charges) to anyone who has entered but cannot take part. You can also swap to or from the Aquabike event as long as you inform us before the closing date. Requests should be sent to sales@midsussextriclub.com. No refunds can be given after the closing date.

Duplicate entries made in genuine error will be refunded in full.

No refund can be given if the race has to be cancelled or postponed due to circumstances outside our control, for instance due to a bomb scare. Your entry fee is invested in the cost of staging the event, and the main costs to contractors, suppliers, administration etc are already committed well before race day.



This event is being held to encourage participation of any body who wishes to enter it.  This event will be non-discriminatory.  The organisers actively encourage participation by people of any ability. The organisers will carry out all activities and functions in ways that promote and respect the dignity and equality of all people irrespective of status or characteristic including but not limited to age, ability, disability, ethnicity, gender, marital status, nationality, race, religion or sexual persuasion.    All participants are required to respect all other people at all times during the event.