Paris Marathon 2016

Paris Marathon 2016


Jim and Helen Graham along with Doug Mac Taggart joined about 54,000 competitors from 145 nationalities in the Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris on Sunday. This marathon is now one of the largest marathons in the world and offers an incomparable backdrop of Paris with spectacular views and landmarks all along the route.

Jim said they were very happy with their times of 2.59 and 3.48 despite some problems before and during the race. Jim had been in bed 36 hours before the race with a tummy upset and Helen strained her Achilles at about mile 6.

They explained that the race was a warm up for them andthey  were looking forward to competing in the Brighton and London marathons later on in April.

Doug Mac Taggart was pleased with his time of  4.13 and commented that it was a very scenic and quick course, although a little congested in the second half.

Paris Marathon Douglas Mac Taggart