Michelle Robinson swims The Channel

Michelle Robinson swims The Channel

Approaching The French Coast

In early 1979 Michelle was born 10 weeks premature. She spent 4 weeks in an incubator in the Royal Sussex in Brighton and was then moved to Cuckfield Hospital. Her mum was only allowed to stay with her there after 7 weeks.

Thirty odd years later Michelle had the opportunity to support The Alexa Trust, a charity which raises funds for families with children in neonatal care, by swimming the Channel as part of team ‘A Splash of Orange’ on Monday 14th June.

Michelle reported that the Channel Swim started at 0158am. She swam a total of 2hrs 51 mins including landing the team on a beach near Cap Griz Nez 12hrs 51 mins later. The last 51 mins were the toughest as I was told to swim hard and fast as we were at risk of getting taken back offshore by the currents. Fortunately, steady and strong is my forte. Now I am thrilled to have done it.

So far Michelle has raised £2750 for the Alexa Trust. Further donations may be made on her Just Giving page.