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North Downs Way 100mile Ultra run

North Downs Way 100mile Ultra run

On behalf of my wife and I, the time has come (allowing for mental and physical healing)  to provide an update on the NDW 100 (or what turned out to be NDW103).  

I assert that this is quite problematic as those looking in can't understand it and those looking out can't explain it.  For that I reason I feel the best way to provide insight into the event is through an explanation of the psychology behind Ultradistance running with the added benefit of providing an indication of your propensity to partake in the sport.  

If you answer yes in more than:

  •   50% of the questions then it is considered a positive response
  • >70% and you should seek counselling or drop me a line about what races the MidSussex UltraDistance & Cake Appreciation Society (AKA MUCAS) will be partaking in over the next 12 months.
  • > 90% then consider yourself an honorary member of the club and come to our next "meeting"!
  1. When you see 100 miles to go on a motorway, do you think that would be a good run but could you do it in 24hrs?
  2. Would you consider the additional 3 miles in the NDW100 as bonus miles?             
  3. When people mention cake, do you have a Pavlovian response?
  4. Do you have an unhealthy obsession with socks?
  5. Do you think Chris Froome looks healthy?
  6. Do people give you a wide birth when you explain what you did on the weekend?
  7. Are you a little embarrassed by what you got up to on the weekend?
  8. Does everything on your body hurt?
  9. Do you believe your body will self-heal anything?
  10. Do you carry a head torch when you go out at night (even to the pub)?
  11. Do you think it would be better to run and meet your family on a day out rather than drive?
  12. Do you own more shoes than your significant other - or at least compete on the number of trainers you have?
  13. When you go for a run, do you see things that you should not see?
  14. Do you take more medication than an 80 year old stroke sufferer?
  15. Do you know your physiotherapist by their first name?
  16. Do you go to a masseur for a massage?
  17. Do you respect athletes that no one else has heard of?
  18. Do you carry toilet paper when you leave the house?
  19. Does is disturb you to relieve yourself outdoors?
  20. Are Portaloos posh?
  21. Do you feel people who think about barefoot running, forefoot running, pronation and supination are interesting people?
  22. Have you purchased a pair of  barefoot running shoes and live with the injuries to show for it?
  23. Do you know what a salt tablet looks like?
  24. Do you consider Unltradistance running as a sport?
  25. Do you consider Football as a sport? (yes = no, no = yes)
  26. Have you considered removing your toenails to stop them falling off?
  27. Is there any part of your feet that has not had a blister?
  28. Do you know where the Vaseline is in your house?
  29. Do you know what calf cards are?
  30. Do you own but not use calf cards?
  31. Do you think walking up hills is cheating?  (yes = no, no = yes)
  32. Do you think walking down hills is cheating?  (yes = no, no = yes)
  33. Do you think walking is cheating?  (yes = no, no = yes)
  34. Can you eat a Big Mac Meal Deal with onion rings, mozzarella dippers and a shake and still go for a run?
  35. Can you sleep?
  36. Can you not sleep?
  37. Do you know how to read a map?
  38. Do you know how to carry a map without letting go - regardless of logic?
  39. Do you feel you can judge where you are on the planet by your awareness of the earths magnetic fields?
  40. Can you see through time or do you have other "special" powers?
  41. Do you think alcohol is a performance enhancing?
  42. Is Born To Run a book by Michael Morpurgo?  (yes = no, no = yes)
  43. Do you recognise or use any of the following acronyms?  UTMB, MDS, C2C, A2A, NDW, SDW, TTP.
  44. Have you ever had an energy gel that tasted good?
  45. Is Icecream racing food?
  46. Have you ever done a race where there were 2 or less people to greet you at the finish?
  47. Do you feel lucky or unlucky that you live in a country where distance are measured in miles not kilometers?
  48. Do you have a nick name that would be out of place in polite society?
  49. Do you consider anything over 5 hours duration as a race?  (yes = no, no = yes)
  50. If someone offered you a place in a Marathon the day before would you think 

        a) What a great day out?
        b) What a circus?
        c) All of the above or
        c) As "c" is statistically the correct answer and you can't be bothered reading the other options
        d) None of the above
Answer; "c" = yes


Jamie & Emma Goodhead

MSTC.....The Next Generation

This year's revived Horsted Keynes Triathlon brought out a great mixture of semi-pro athletes and first timers. It is these - slightly eccentric - events that are the breeding ground for our sport......and so it was proved to be at this year's event on Sunday 6th October.
Beautiful crisp weather greeted the start of the event where Paul Hedger took the teams and individuals through the race briefing. As I looked around I could see the cream of MSTC's finest.....Messrs Wintergold, Hoodless, Alden and others......as well as many (quite obvious) newbies.  But I could also see many children including Ben Hoodless, Rob's 13 year old son, complete in his yellow and black tri-suit. My own daughter Harriet, 12, was less well kitted out but you could see in both of them an athletic posture and determination.  Both of them had entered the Horsted Individual Shortie, a 200m swim, 5k bike and 2.5k run.  Call it a taster but there was definitely nothing stopping the two of them giving 100%. 
They both blasted off on the swim and you could tell both of them have been well taught (and practiced) in the pool. Ben went out strongly on the bike on roads he knows well, and chaperoned by Rachel Baker (no question of drafting of course). Then a quick transition on the village green into the two lap run with strong legs under blue skies.  I was escorting Harriet on the bike and on the run.
This was what the fun part of our sport is about......competitors of every age going as hard as they can, families gathered, laughter and cheers everywhere, mucking in with marshalling, having a pint afterwards.  You don't expect your kids to like everything that you like.....but it feels good to see them getting stuck in and having some success.  Both them gave it their all and came in strongly in each of the 3 disciplines.
Ben is definitely one to watch in the future.  He won the Men's Shorties event and took the Village Cup.  Harriet was 2nd overall although the organisers awarded her the winner before taking it away 20 mins later! C'est la vie. More importantly both of them had a great time and I'm sure will be at other events next year.  I suppose a trip to Evans might be in order for Harriet's Christmas present.
Ben Hoodless: 3.43 swim, 15.50 bike, 14.56 run
Harriet Record: 3.44 swim, 23.33 bike, 15.13 run

Mat Record