MSTC Duathlon


The MID SUSSEX TRI CLUB DUATHLON has been cancelled due to Covid 19. If you already entered please contact the club treasurer for a refund.

Race start for all competitors is 8am. Please allow time to setup in transition. The meeting point is in the transition area next to the main PUBLIC CAR PARK. Be aware that you may be charged entry into the Car Park (owned by Water Board). In the transition area, cycle racking will be provided. The car park will be in use for the public throughout the race. 

Race Fomat

The SHORT course will be 5k Run (one out and back run circuit), then a 15m bike, then a further single 2.6km out and back run circuit over a shorter distance.

The STANDARD course is a 10km run (2 laps) then a 25m bike then a further 1 lap - 5km run (same route as before). Starting at the same time it is perfectly acceptable to team up with others and do the Duathlon as a relay over either distance. A further option is to individually do the Cycle or run only over the long or short distances.

All areas are open to the public at all times. The run is a beautiful scenic route around the lake, whilst the bike circuit follows our well known 'sporting course'. 


There will be an entry fee of £15 for all competitors or £10 each for relay or part event. The Ardingly Activity Centre is charging us for use of their site but it is hoped that any funds will go to a locally chosen charity. The club is not registering this event with the BTF as is a closed event, open to club members only. As such no BTF licence is required. 

Entries are now closed for 2020 due to Covid 19.


Run Route

The run is out and back along footpaths adjacent to Ardingly Reservoir. These will be used by the general public. Please be aware that there may be people: walking dogs, riding horses and on bikes.


The out and back run route is 5k long. Leave start line and run up the grass dam to the gate at the corner of the field. Follow footpath alongside reservoir to the next gate. Go through gate and turn left keeping to the public footway across causeway. At other end of causeway turn left through the gate still keeping the reservoir on your left. Follow path to the 2.5km turn point be marked by a 'Turn Here' sign. Turn around at this sign and retrace steps back through the gate turning right onto the Causeway. Stay on the public footpath across the causeway until the next gate, go through this and follow the path with the reservoir on your right until you reach the gate near transition.

Short course will go straight to transition through the start finish line (total 5K), while Standard Course will go through the start finish line, turn around and repeat the whole lap again (total 10K).

Run Route


Short course route

Long course  route


Standard Course will do one whole lap exactly as above.

Short course will do the same run route as before but will turn around after touching the kissing gate at the entrance to the Causeway, (about 1.3K from run start) and then return.

One Marshall may be present on the first run only. 

Risk assessments

More detail for each route along with risk assessment is available for download here

MSTC Duathlon Risk Assessment 2020


Finally the club wishes you the very best and hopes that you have a very enjoyable and successful event.