Best All Rounder 2019

The BAR (Best All Rounder) competition has been revised for 2019.

To entry you will need to send results for the following events to
  • Duathlon
  • Run
  • Swim
  • Time trial
  • Triathlon
As a competitor you can enter both long and short BAR events but you overall result will only be the best classification for best discipline. Prizes will be awarded for both female and male categories. There will also be a winner for person who ranks highest in each category but who does not win either the long or the short BAR.
The way that this will work is that as an athlete, you may nominate any, and as many, events as you like. These events can be domestic or overseas, as you wish. Subject to the following rules:
  • Only one event from each of the above 5 categories will count
  • You can enter and record as many events as you wish within each category, but only your best event will count
  • You must submit the following times in order for your event to be considered:
    • Your time
    • The overall event winner's time
    • Your age and gender group winner's time (if applicable)
    • The overall number of competitors
These results must be verifiable so please provide either an URL to results or photographic/other verifiable evidence. Failure to do so will result in results not being counted.
The following will apply in terms of event distances:
  • Short BAR:
    • Run: 21.1 km (i.e. than half marathon) or less
    • Swim: less than 1900 meters
    • Duathlon: standard distance or less
    • Triathlon: less than middle distance/half ironman
    • Time trial: less than 50 miles
  • Long BAR: anything that is above Short BAR qualifying distances.

Best Athlete

Glory awaits the top athletes in the Short and Long BAR competitions. 

Think you can do better than last years winners?

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask Matt Critchley. Let the competition begin...


Results will be posted here