MSTC Duathlon 2016

Steve Alden - Sussex Triathlon, Ardingly 2009The MID SUSSEX TRI CLUB DUATHLON will be based at Ardingly Reservoir on 2nd April 2016. Race start is 9am, please allow time beforehand to setup in transition.

The transition area and meeting point is in the main PUBLIC CAR PARK, and as a result we are not setting up any specific racking. Bikes will be racked in front of our own cars . The car park will be in use for the public throughout the race. 

Race Fomat

The SHORT course will be 5k Run (one out and back run circuit), then a 15m bike, then a further single 2.5km out and back run circuit.

The STANDARD course will be an accurately measured 10km run (2  laps) then a 25m bike then a further 1 lap - 5km run.

All areas are open to the public at all times. The run is a beautiful scenic route around the lake, whilst the bike circuit follows our well known 'sporting course'.

If anyone feels the whole course daunting for them it is perfectly acceptable to team up with others and do it as a relay.

The entry fee is the same for all competitors (including relay) as it is anticipated that 95% will go to the club charity.

The run is out and back along footpaths adjacent to Ardingly Reservoir.

The run is 2.5k long and will be repeated to achieve the selected race distance although the short course second run will turn at the half way stage.

The whole race route is on public footpaths and will be used by the general public

Please be aware that there will be people walking dogs and possibly people on bikes.



Leave transition and run to the gate at the corner of the field.

Follow footpath alongside reservoir to the next gate. Go through gate and turn left keeping to the public footway across causeway.

At other end of causeway turn left through gate still keeping the reservoir on your left.

Follow path to the 2.5km turn point which will be marked by an orange cone. Turn around the cone and retrace steps back through the gate and turn right onto the Causeway.

Stay on the public footpath across the causeway until the next gate, go through this and follow the path with the reservoir on your right until you reach the gate near transition.

Short course will go straight to transition, while Standard Course will go around a marker cone and repeat the whole lap again.


The traditional lovely jaunt of the roads around ardingly 


Standard Course will do one whole lap exactly as above.

Short course will have a turn cone at 1.25km and will turn here (MARSHALL to avoid confusion)

Risk assessments


The results are in! You can check them out below.

Club Duathlon 2016 Results